Manual Handling Training

Millmount Maintenance Training Facility


Manual handling shows staff the correct practice of safe lifting and movement. The course complies with the Manual Handling Regulations of 2007.

Who should attend:

All Staff (10-12 staff)

Location & Duration:

3 hours on site as required

Course requirements:

All staff who attend should be agile

Course Aims:

Instruct staff on the following:

• Dangers of unsafe lifting
• Overview of safety legislation
• Anatomy of the spine and muscular system
• Safe lifting points
• Injuries associated with manual handling
• Importance of exercise and nutrition
• Competence testing

Course Objectives:

• Understanding of Health and Safety Legislation in relation to Manual Handling
• Awareness of the structure, function and mechanism of the spine
• Awareness of the type of injury that can occur and consequences of it
• Awareness of ways to prevent injury
• Ability to carry out a Manual Handling Risk Assessment and an ability to use correct manual handling technique

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