Fire Safety Management

Millmount Maintenance Training Facility

Introduction to the Fire Safety Management Course

Persons in control of a premises have a statutory responsibility to implement a Fire Safety Programme as an integral part of day-to-day management as set out in the Fire Services Act.

Who should attend:

Owners, Duty Holders, Managers, Responsible Persons, Director of Nursing (DON) Fire Managers, Building Managers, and persons appointed to be responsible.

Location and Duration:

Millmount Maintenance Facility
Duration: 1 Day

Room in above picture also available for rentals

Course Requirements:

Attendees must have previously attended fire training preferably Fire Warden Training. Also Attendees must be familiar with Millmount Maintenance’s Logbook.

Course Aims:

To provide attendees with the tools required to manage and implement a ‘Fire Safety Programme’ as set out under the Fire Services Act including a basic fire risk assessment.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the course you will be able to:

• Prevention of outbreaks of fire, through the establishment of fire preventions practices
• Instruction and training of management and staff in all matters relating to fire safety
• Emergency procedures, including fire and evacuation drills
• Maintenance of fire protection equipment
• Maintenance of the building authority and assisting the fire brigade
• Maintenance of Fire Safety Register
• Provision and maintenance of fire safety signs and notices

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