Maintenance Packages

Standard Maintenance Package

Providing a good quality preventative maintenance solution, this single and transparent contract ensures that your specified equipment/installations are maintained. Works over and above the contract are billed separately. Under this package clients have access to our Call-Out Service, Service Repairs and many other services.

Comprehensive Maintenance Package

Maintenance services in according with Service Level Agreement and Planned Preventative Maintenance programme. Real-time information on maintenance work is provided and preferential response times for emergency call-outs.

On-site Maintenance Teams

Millmount can provide outsourced maintenance personnel who report directly into the client’s management structure, integrating with existing directly employed staff while providing the flexibility of outsourced labour on an as-needed basis. On-costs such as pension, holiday and sick pay, employers PRSI, REAs etc are managed by Millmount Maintenance.

The Smart Way of Maintenance